The highlight of today was John Katrakis’ speech. I learned many things and it really helped open up my eyes. For example today I learned that there are two ozone layers that exist, the one up in the atmosphere and then another down below at our level. I learned that the one at our level is human made and can have negative effects.  Although this part stood out to me because it was something completely new, throughout his entire speech I had thoughts entering my mind. At one point John was speaking about outdoor air and how much should enter a building. In addition to this he also discussed some of the factors that can affect this amount. He also talked about people’s reaction to the air based on their resilience to certain particles. This made me wonder what some negative results from air that considered “too clean” could be. For example if children were raised in a house where the air was “too clean” what would that mean for the development of their immune system?  How would their bodies react once venturing outdoors?

Gio and I brainstorming at the Smartkuck with LBBA employees

John’s speech also opened my eyes to a couple other things; for example I had forgotten that furniture is made in factories and constructed with glues which can contain unhealthy chemicals. It’s like I forgot that things don’t just appear in stores, they’re actually made in other places. Overall John’s speech made me think closer about products in and around our homes.

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