airLab team gets their grub on

Today was a busy day preparing for the smartluck and once again working on the questionnaire. It seems that no matter how hard we work nor how many times we edit, we can never finish the questionnaire. Although this can be frustrating it is understandable and a good thing that we are putting this much thought and consideration into creating an excellent questionnaire.

Taryn and Cecilia from MCIC

Today we had some help from our guest speaker, Taryn Roch of MCIC (Metro Chicago Information Center), who provided us with information of what makes a good survey.  She discussed such topics as primary data collection, the survey design process, and survey format. These were helpful because it gave us a sense of what we were doing correctly and what we can improve on. For example, today we learned about open and closed response questions. We are using closed response which is quicker to answer and helps us prevent from making assumptions. In addition to this she also discussed about how to increase our response rate by doing things like providing a cover letter and showing what is going to be done with the data.

Workshopping Rosa Parks Questionnaire

The smartluck activity for today consisted of having the LBBA staff and the MCIC members edit our questionnaire. We received lots of good feedback and suggestions and learned that there are many things that need to be fixed in our questionnaire. Overall today was an eye-opening day and has provided us with the information necessary to complete our questionnaire.