airLab Looking over mechanical drawings for Rosa Parks Buildings

When I reached LBBA we discussed what was on the agenda for today, which was basically research. We all began to research the materials that the architects at LBBA used to build the Rosa Parks apartments such as tiles, flooring and wood. As I began to do research I soon realized that many items that are inside homes  have toxins or some trace of chemicals inside them. For example, furniture, wall  decorations, carpet, stoves, tables, cabinets all contain materials that emit VOCs. I never really sat and thought to myself,  “I shouldn’t walk bare-foot on the carpet, it may contain chemicals or toxins.”

I didn’t know that….. did you know that? It’s amazing what you can find if you research. We also researched items you bring inside your home that may have chemicals, and we all found so many items. For instance : curtains, personal products, art supplies, cleaning products that release VOCs which can effect your breathing and give you allergies. Doesn’t all this information just make you feel extremely unsafe to have extra things in you home? I know it makes me feel unsafe. But maybe a lot of dusting and cleaning may get rid of some toxins and chemicals, as well as opening windows and doors. Also  finding  the ways that brickerdikes used certain materials has made me appreciate  the structure of my house a lot more. It was interesting to know they use eggshell paint for interiors because its easy to wipe off in case of a spill or splatter. Also the materials that are used for the bathroom tiles are aromatic which helps the tiles stay in place because it much stickier than other tile materials. Today was a long day, full of thinking , researching, and wondering but at the end I gained a lot! You can never go wrong with knowing lots of information.