As we end week four and near the end of the project I realize that we still have a lot of work to do, but I have to say that I believe we can do it. Today has been evidence of just that. We conducted tests in two apartments, passed out the questionnaires, and began planning for the final presentation-you can see that we are really moving quickly. We are thinking about the final project and how we will present it. We have decided to present it in a brochure format which I believe is very effective. The planning for the brochure was very engaging and productive. Although it was hard to imagine how the final product was going to look because we had not yet collected all the data, it was nonetheless helpful.

With all this data collection going on, you can really see that we are nearing the end of the research portion of the project and entering the data analyzing portion. This is something I’m exited for because pretty soon we will be receiving data from the residents and sensors. This means that soon we will finally know how clean the air really is and what residents think about the environment they live in.

All this fast paced movement is a bit scary because there is about less than two weeks left, but as I mentioned in the beginning, I have confidence that we will persevere. We have collected a lot of data and produced many items such as the questionnaires and the Rosa Parks Materials Research List. Although we still have a lot of work to do I am assured that the final project will be AMAZING!