So today is the last day of my internship (airlab).  These 6 weeks of airlab have been amazing.  I have learned so much and I have had the chance to improve on my communication skills.  After all the presentations I have seen and all the ones I have done, I feel like I have really improved and I feel more comfortable presenting in front of crowds.

Airlab changed my outlook on the environment for the following reasons.   First, I do not see cleaning products the same as before, every time I got the store now, I check the back labels to see what chemicals it contains.  In addition, I look for the eco friendly cleaning products.  Also, I got my whole family to start recycling.  Before airlab, my family wouldn’t recycle, they would just throw out plastic, aluminum, etc.  Airlab hasn’t only changed my outlook, it has also changed my family’s outlook.  So I believe we can change the outlook of others.