Today was a big day. As we had previously mentioned, we had given a presentation to the Alderman of the 27th ward and he was very interested in what we had to say. So much so that he invited us to make an appearance in his Television channel.

Today we met at LBBA and from here we took the train to the Harold Washington Library where we would film the show. We were missing two interns for the filming of the show. Alberto and Claytiana couldn’t make it so we were a little bummed about that.

Nonetheless, when we got to the library we met up with Mr. Burnett. He directed us to the basement where the episodes are filmed. It was his birthday so he had cookies and cake in a small room. Needless to say we made sure not to decline the alderman’s invitation to help ourselves. After we ate, we proceeded to the space where the show is filmed. After about ten minutes of prepping we took our seats and the alderman told us the basic layout of the show. He told us we would have to film for an hour! We all wondered how we were going to make it through one whole hour of just talking non stop. The alderman assured us we would be fine and after a small five minute wait the cameras started rolling.The alderman was right, that hour went by really fast. We basically gave an overview of what airlab is and what we have done these past six weeks. We talked about the sensors we will be placing in the Rosa Park apartments and we talked about the reasearch we had done to better understand the chemicals that the sensors will be testing. We all spoke really smoothly and there were no awkward pauses in between our conversations. That is credited in part to Mr. Burnett’s good hosting skills. When I arrived home I played a copy of the tapping one of the alderman’s staff had give us. I think overall we did a pretty good job. Not too shabby for a bunch of high school students and one high school graduate.Hopefully this will give anyone who watches an interest in what we as Airlab have done.

Aldermanshowclip1 from Landon Bone Baker Architects on Vimeo.