Today I walked into the doors of LBBA andwas pleasantly greeted by Ms. Baker who introduced me to my mentors. They werevery nice and welcoming. I wasn’t sure what to expect on my first day. I thoughtI’d be serving coffee, making copies, and running errands; but to my surprisethis wasn’t the case. We went outside into the hot, hot sun to do a scavengerhunt where we talked to several strangers in order to complete certain tasks.Engaging strangers wasn’t as easy as you might think, some were nice but some werenot so nice.  For instance, this onebiker heard me trying to get his attention and continued to ride pass rudely;he even laughed at me on the way by, but I realized some people just don’t liketo talk to strangers, or maybe they are just horrible people.

Afterthe scavenger hunt we returned to the office, counted the points, and announcedthe winning team. Of course, my team won (by a land slide). Honestly I’msurprised we even survived out there in the blazing sun! Ultimately, thescavenger hunt wasn’t about winning or losing or just playing a game. It wasall about interacting with others, expanding our observation skills, and understandingour surroundings. This was more rewarding then serving coffee and making copies!