Exciting day today as we got the chance to visit the apartments on which most of our project will be based on. The Rosa parks apartments, which we visited today were nothing like I expected. When the words “affordable housing” came to mind, I did not expect to see buildings with a state of the art cooling and heating system. This brought up several questions such as, how was this affordable housing when all the features of the building (which made it a LEED certified building) were so expensive? Our knowledge and awesome tour guide of the community, who is a member of Bickerdike, was of great help answering my questions – well at least most of them. Some of the questions he mentioned were for us to find out because they didn’t know the answer themselves. Our team will be in charge of determining whether the LEED certified building has a higher air quality than an almost identical facility which is not LEED certified.

It is only day two and I like where this project is going because I know of other LEED certified buildings. No one really knows if building to LEED specifications means building “greener”. I was surprised by how many of the features that make the building LEED can’t be noticed on the surface. We got the chance to go down to the engineer’s room, and learned about how the buildings cooled and how it heats its water with solar panels which are in the roof. I want to be able to compare differences and draw a conclusion as to if being LEED certified makes a big difference when it comes to indoor air quality.