I got to learn about what my team expects me to bring to the table and what I can do to better myself for our final presentation. I learned that we are going to have a guest speaker. Her name was Giselle Mosnaim; she is the program director of the allergy and immunology training program at Rush University Medical Center. Although she was well experienced, I was still surprised that she was able to answer all my questions. She was able to give me a lot of information about asthma; even when someone is smoking in another room of the house, it can still affect the person with asthma because the cigarette smoke lingers and spreads throughout the house. Did you know that 200,000 U.S children with asthma have their conditions worsened by exposure to second hand smoke? Well, this saddens me because even though this is a proven fact, many disregard it and continues to put their loved one in dangerous.

Dr. Giselle told me that 80% of asthma presents itself before the age of 5. Generally people have asthma due to genetic reasons, but the career paths that someone pursues can cause them to have asthma later in their life. An interesting fact she pointed out was that something as simple as laughing and crying can trigger an asthma attack.

Many individuals feel that asthma is not a big deal. How is asthma not a big deal?! When someone is diagnosed with asthma, they have to live with it their whole life. The leading cause of students missing school is due to asthma related issues. Asthma is the third leading cause of children under 15 to become hospitalized. This issue got me fired up because I have been dealing with asthma since I can remember and for people to say it is not an important issue it makes me think what is?