Best day ever! We started today with a lovely trip to the farmers Market. While we were their Ms. Baker let us pick out the food that we wanted to eat. We gathered a wide variety of things: zucchini, cucumbers, and even sun dried tomatoes. There were cheese samples and a guy playing the drums there. Pretty funny stuff but we couldn’t stay long. The team spent most of the morning preparing food because today we had a smart luck. Smart luck is a “lunch and learn” in which we have a guest speaker talk to us about an airLab related topic.

Today’s speaker was Patrick Cunningham. Patrick spoke with us about the technology of sensors.His presentation was so cool; he showed us examples of what is inside most sensors. Then Patrick let us build “robots” that move! And he taught us how to manipulate metal with this soldering iron, which is basically a screw driver that gets really hot. AirLab is about to become a little more complicated because we can now upload our own data. This means that we can get as much information as we need at anytime, so that’s harder work for me and the team but, it will all be worth it in the end!