InDesign was one program I have never used before. By being absent yesterday, I gave myself the opportunity to jump into portfolio making completely blind. I was clueless for the first five minutes, but since I have used other programs that are similar to InDesign, I had some sort of idea of what to do. This wasn’t the first time working on a project using a new program. For an architecture project in the past year I completed, I used a program that I was completely unfamiliar with, but in the end everything turned out well, despite the long hours used to learn the new program.

Portfolios are a great way to display the work that has been accomplished by someone. When applying to colleges, depending on what you are applying for, they might require you to submit a portfolio so they have an idea of the quality of work that can be produced. I think having this experience is good, because it sets me ahead of the game on portfolio making. In my school, we have discussed about portfolios, but to many, it is still uncertain of what exactly is expected.

Ohh I almost forgot to mention the highlight of the day – lunch! Today I ate delicious coal baked focaccia bread. You could see the white melted cheese draping over the side of the golden toasted bread that crunched with just about every bite. Crunchy on the outside and soft bread on the inside perfectly marinated with tomato sauce. Not too much. Not too little. It was just right.