At the beginning of the day, we created questionnaires to give to the residents of the Rosa Parks Apartment buildings.  We want to find out how the residents of Rosa Parks use their units, and how it affects the air quality in their units.  We learned how LBBA designed the Rosa Parks apartments to the highest of standards; including systems within some the buildings to provide optimal air quality.  Although the preceding is true, we also learned that many times residents do not use their units as they are designed to be used. For example, Catherine explained to us that during another site visit they found that many residents covered the bottom of their front doors to stop air from coming in to their unit. The problem with this is that the residents were preventing their unit from receiving fresh air from the corridors and interrupting the building’s fresh air circulation. This is a prime example of why it is important for airLab to develop questionnaires to better understand how residents use their unit.

What is a better way to get their attention other than sending a letter to their house?  That is what we ask ourselves through out the workshop.  As we developed the questionnaire we discussed what questions would be included as well as how we would distribute it. We work-shopped questions and looked at last years questionnaire for guidance, but even with all the help from last years project it was still quite a feat to accomplish.  Who would have ever though it will take so much work to develop a questionnaire?

Luckily we had a great lunch to replenish our minds. We had our own little “intern” version of a smartluck. There was so much food. It was so exciting to see this play out because everyone participated. I was surprised that some actually came in with homemade cake and pie. When I say that the pie was so good, it was good! This is just one of the many examples of how there is such a strong sense of community here at LBBA. With our hard work and strong community, it’s without a doubt  that airLab 2.0 is going to be a success!