As airLab returns this year with a new set of faces eager to continue research on indoor air quality; we are happy to announce that there is much work underway. airLab 2.0 is focusing this year’s program on the effects that temperature and humidity pose not only to the state of the building, but to the health of the residents. The airLab 2.o team will also be installing temp+humidity sensors in some of the units within the Rosa Parks Apartments. These sensors will allow airLab 2.0 to monitor various units and gauge a better understanding of the air quality within.

Recently, the airLab 2.0 interns have tested these sensors by taking them home and studying the environment in different rooms. The experiment allowed us to see how the environment varies from one room to the next and helped us analyze patterns in the data. We here at airLab are eager to see what kind of data our project generates; and as always we are happy to share these findings with you!

Our Datalogger® Software

One the data samples Collected by our Lovely airLab 2.0 team

The Sensor placed at the LBBA Office