Today we went on a site visit to Cambridge Manor, a senior citizen apartment building that Landon Bone Baker is rehabbing. What is so interesting about this building is that it is under construction while the tenants are still living in the building. Luckily, they have a system of times and locations for the tenants and workers. This allows them to be aware of when the apartment is being worked on. Throughout the tour we saw some apartments in all different stages of construction. LBBA communicated with the tenants to see what they wanted and how the firm can improve on the building. I thought that was pretty cool because our previous smartluck was all about asking the community for their input on what they want to see. Talking to some of the residents and construction workers, I realized all the connections that have to made in order to construct a well designed building. The Architects have to have a good connection with the workers to figure out several things such as how long will it take, what will work, and often times what is within the budget. Architect’s job is also to be good neighbors and make sure that building is what the community wants. And if any of these connections are off then it can cause problems for not only the Architects but the community as well.

The visit was really eye opening. It showed examples of good communication skills; which are what airLab needs to have in order to get a better response from the residents at the Rosa Parks apartments. By speaking with them in a way that is understanding and caring, as well as letting them know that we are there to help, we can make sure that airLab becomes an intricate part of the community at Rosa Parks.