Today was dedicated to concluding research and data collection. I spent the morning verifying sources for the research about temperature and humidity and answering any final questions we might have had about the subjects. While grouping the information together, I began to see the connections between temperature, humidity, and asthma as well as other intriguing facts like the traffic level and demographics in the West Humboldt Park area.

1 in 3 kids in the West Humboldt Park neighborhood have asthma. This neighborhood has a high population of Puerto Ricans and Puerto Ricans have the highest asthma rates among any other race. West Humboldt Park is also a high traffic area. These high traffic areas give off more air pollutants and these pollutants trigger asthma. I have found that there are many connections that you would not think were related but are indeed so. Likewise, I found that there are things that a person might think always correlate but in fact do not.

Temperature and humidity usually go hand in hand but do not always show a specific relationship.  Despite the fact that in the past our data has shown that high temperatures mean that there is high humidity, the data AirLab 2.0 collected from the sensors most recently differs greatly. When reviewing the temperature and humidity while certain test were being performed, my peers and I discovered that humidity fluctuated to very high levels and temperature stayed average. It is this type of connection that makes this project so fascinating to me. As we come to a conclusion about all of the information we have collected and analyzed I hope to make more connections with the intent of find the most sensible and effective solution… or solutions.