On the agenda for today was an interesting visit to the City of Chicago Department of Environment. It’s a really awesome place. Today we received a tour of the department. The building is lead certified platinum. On the tour we visited the garden on which they used pavers that were similar to the one at the Rosa Parks building on Homan Street which is also LEED certified. On the roof of the building there were solar panels the collect and store energy. They’re not only on the roof but on the east side of the building on the windows. The thought time and effort that was put into this building is unimaginable. A lot of the things used on the building are made up of recycled material. During the tour we also saw the resource center inside they have different samples of materials for people who are considering using green materials in the design.

This tour was helpful because it showed us what it takes for a building to be LEED certified and how much work it takes to make a building sustainable. A building having a LEED title means that it should be well constructed. Not only should it have eco-efficient components but have them always working properly. It takes good workers as well, that know the ins and outs of the building; people who get the job done right. This knowledge can be very helpful to LBBA so that they know what kind of things to put in the buildings as well as the up-keep that comes along with it.