Wow times going fast, today was a great day. I got to make observations about the temperature and humidity in one of the Rosa Parks units. I found out that we need to communicate a bit more because it’s almost that day to present to everyone about what we observed in the Homan building. Later on that day we went to Stanley’s market so that we can get ready to prepare food for our guest speaker Andy Geer.

Andy Geer is the vice president of the Chicago’s Enterprise office. Enterprise was a sponsor of last year’s airLab project, but aside from sponsoring airLab they do much more. One of the things that Enterprise focuses on is funding affordable housing and building green communities.

I was surprised to hear that some of Enterprise’s goals were to go green 100% by 2020 in affordable housing. Mr.Geer believes that going green is very important because it makes the community a better place to live in. I learned that for over 30 years Enterprise has introduced solutions through public and private partnership with financial institutions, like airLab.  Learning about last year’s sponsors helped me understand what helped make airLab so successful. It was great to know that airLab had an organization with like minded goals like Enterprise supporting us along every step.