What a beautiful ending to a beautiful start. Our final presentation was today, and we rocked the house. Everyone thought we did well, I did too we all played a role in this final product of airLab 2.0. we were all assigned a part to speak on it was basically one on your specific task and one or two more on something you were told to speak on. My topics were how the Rosa Parks apartment building (Homan Street) is designed to function (ventilation system), our visit to the Center for Green Technology, and the Audit. All of my parts were very critical to the presentation because in each of them I was not only explaining things to the audience for clarity, but also I was an introduction to the next topic with a new speaker. For example my topic about the ventilation system in the Homan building was about our first visit to the apartments and how the buildings came to be. Then it transformed into how it operates and the ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation) the helps the building breathe. I also spoke about John Katrakis who is the Mechanical Engineer for the Rosa Parks Apartments. John was critical to this part of the presentation because he actually gave of a lot of the information we have on how the building functions. This topic was an easy transition into the sensors and or data analysis because I touched on testing to see if the building is working properly and figuring out is the decision to make a LEED building useful.

Our presentation took a lot of work we wanted to make sure everything flowed and made total sense. All of our guests seemed to be impressed with what we had and that we were able to make all of these elements come together and appear so simple and understandable. Mark from the Chicago Architect Foundation even came by to check out what we have accomplished over the course of these six weeks. He asked us all what we will take away from being in involved in airLab. My response was that I’ve learned the significant of designing a building weather it’s built on the intent to improve environment or even just to make well designed building that are affordable. It was so interesting to learn the different aspects of architecture. The thing that stuck out the most among the many things that I learned was that communication is in fact the key. In actuality everyone needs it especially architects, without communication how will they know where the best place is to build a building or what that community needs in the neighborhood. After we all answered the question Mark said that it was good to see us realizing some many different things after being in this program. Overall I think we made LBBA proud!