Today we put a close to airLab 2.0. These six weeks have been such a journey and I have enjoyed every day of it. airLab has been informing from the first day, the scavenger hunt wasn’t just for fun it a test of our observation skills, and from that day on every day had a purpose. We have had trips and guest speakers all to help us gather information but along the way I think we all picked up so many life skills. I learn that things are not just black and white meaning that in life there are always options and different choices. Take architecture for example there are several aspects to being an architect their not just building designers there is so much that goes into constructing a building its more then what appears on the outside. But once you analyze it and take it apart you can see all the parts that make up just that one thing.

My favorite thing about airLab would have to be that throughout the six weeks we consistently worked toward a goal.

The goal for airLab 2.0 was to analyze all the data collected last year, conduct research and have a finish product by the end of the six weeks. We completed everything perfectly and managed to do a pretty good job as well. I think one thing I will take from this experience is that it is important to take advantage of every situation because you never know where it will lead.