While they were evaluating the audit I wanted to know more about the indoor and outdoor air quality involving the LEAD building on Homan and Ohio, so I took upon going to city of Chicago.org to research how many cars travels pass the building a day. So now that I know how many cars come pass a day, I could figure out how much pollution is in the area. Now according to my calculation 10,700 cars come pass the building a day and since 1 car produces 600 pounds of pollutions in a year I can now do my math. It turned out to be that there is 643,000 pounds of pollution in that area. And now I have all of this pollution next to this building what I’m going to do? Well while researching  the traffic I had came across an experiment that some scientists had did, and what had happen to be a comparison between 2 turbo diesel car exhaust and cigarettes. And what they did was went far out in the -mountains in a private garage and let the car exhaust run for 30 minutes and recorded the results 2 minutes after each other, then they waited 4 hours so that the car pollution car clear out, next after the air was clear they lit 3 cigarettes one after another and recorded the results 2 minutes after each other also. The results were that the cigarette smoke was ten times greater than the diesel car exhaust. Okay so now if you stand on the corner of Homan and Ohio for one minute it would be just like inhaling two full cigarettes and if you were to stand there for five minutes it would be like inhaling 11 full cigarettes. Now knowing all that information, I concluded that it would be better to leave your windows down in the Homan and Ohio building because the outdoor air is way worse than the indoor air that would be getting recycled.