I can’t believe this day has arrived so soon. It seems like just yesterday I was trying to find my way here and was being introduced to the team: Rhea, Kendrick, Alex, Daijah, Michael, Brenda and Pedro. I had thought when I came to airLab that I would just be sitting at a desk or copying paper but I’m so glad that I was wrong. I gained so much experience from working here as well as had so much fun. My awesome experience here made these six weeks fly.While I was at airLab I learned so much about my health and that there are a lot of thing that can cause an asthma attack like laughing or crying. I know I have learned a lot by being hear but unfortunately my time is up. I want to give thanks to Bickerdike for giving me this opportunity to learn something new and Landon Bone Baker for showing me a lot about the building I live in. I hope to be back soon!