Today we really set things in motion by developing questions for the interviews and questionnaire. We all had some really great ideas and it was nice to have Daniel there to give us some ideas. It was also really helpful to have Daniel there because he let us know what he and Andrea wanted to be mentioned in these questions. This was helpful because it allowed me know what was expected.

The discussions on the rooftop and in the community room really produced some great questions. During the discussion we came up with questions that covered three main areas: environment, health, and lifestyle. I think we can all say that these are three categories that can really help us understand the data that we will collect. We also discussed that we need to figure out how to put these ideas together, how to categorize so that the questions “flow”

and help people open up as well as understand what we are doing. Once again reiterating the value of Daniel being present today is that he brought up a good point. He said that this (the interviews and questionnaire) is a wonderful opportunity to inform the residents and was something I had not thought about. I am still not sure how we are going to accomplish this but, it is something that I agree should be done. Another thing he said is that we should remind the residents that they will be getting something back from this.

With all the discussion that occurred, a couple questions entered my mind. For example how many people will have time to answer the questionnaire? I mean if I was mailed a questionnaire I would just throw it in the trash. For example just yesterday I received a phone call from a telemarketer asking me to help complete a survey and I hung up on him. Now on the other hand this is different from those types of surveys and questionnaires. These are questions that will help architects, planners, developers, and other organizations as well as provide value information to any future projects that take place in the Rosa Parks Apartments. Another question that popped into my mind is how are the residents getting this questionnaire? If we are just dropping it in their mailbox it’s a good chance it will be mistaken for junk mail and end up in the trash. If we send it as a letter from whoever runs the apartment (who at this point I think is Bickerdike) then there is a greater chance we will hear a response from residents. I also think (if it’s not Bickerdike) that the building owner should become more involved and aid us in the distribution of the questionnaire.