Today was by far the busiest day. I took simple lines and was able to either come up with some questions or draw some conclusions as to why trends might happen. After looking at the data for a while it started to seem like there couldn’t be any conclusions drawn from it, but when looking at it from a different approach I found some interesting things.
In the Ohio building, which is the non-LEED building I was able to see an interesting trend. Every time the temperature increased the humidity levels decreased. There were some direct correlation between the temperature and humidity but I found out that since in the Ohio building has a different method of heating and cooling the

building, the warm air that is being blasted into the building is not necessarily very moist, which may explain why that trend occurs. In the other hand the heating and cooling system in the Homan building is different. The energy recovery ventilator is a green feature that helps the building conserves some of the heat from the air that is being exhausted from the building by bypassing it with the cold air. Taking a different approach at interpreting the data was such an important aspect of analyzing because at the beginning it was very unclear if there were any correlations. Today showed me to look at things from a different approach, because once you think you have exhausted all possible possibilities, looking at it in a different manner shows you other things you might have missed before.