Today was a well understood day. And when I say that I mean everything we did today had a strong meaning behind it. When we arrived to the farmers market we saw many selections of vegetables and fruits that we wanted to mix together for a healthy lunch. The fruit and cottage cheese dish was my favorite; it seemed like everyone enjoyed it as well.
Our special guest presenter for lunch today was Sachin Anand, a mechanical engineer from db-HMS. His presentation instantly caught my attention because he mentioned different factors relating to a living environment in a building. It is always good to know how things work in your house especially when things go wrong.
Some of the things he talked about were Thermal Comfort, HVAC Design process and Thermal Zoning. All of those terms are basically related to air and temperature; how air moves in and out of the building while changing the temperature and comfort of the area.
I took the most notes on those topics because now I know how to get that comfortable temperature in my home. I think that information was very helpful to us all. During lunch we also discussed one of the questions from the questionnaires with Sachin. The question was: Can you smell what others are cooking in there unit? Many residents answered that question with a “Yes.” We found that surprising because those buildings are suppose to be tight so in other words, you are not suppose to be able to hear others unless they are extremely loud nor be able to smell when others are cooking. Sachin’s explained that if the kitchens are facing the same corner then there is a possibility that the exhaust fans are connected. When a neighboring exhaust fan is on and yours is not on, then all of the smells from the food is exhausting into your apartment…..So if you ever have that problem “You should turn on your exhaust fan!” That was fascinating. As you can see by Sachin’s visit, I have  learned a lot!