Today this morning was depressing for me, because I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. But once we all made it to the Rosa Parks building I kind of shook off the fact that i was still sleepy.When we Got there we went to the green roof, sat down and had discussions about what questions we should ask the residents that live in the building and how we can ask them.The questions we were trying to find out were based on air quality. We all came up with some really good questions , but at some point we were having a little bit of trouble with, asking the residents a question without getting to personal. We basically didn’t want to ask any questions that the residents were going to take really personal. For an example, we all thought that we should ask if they have asthma. But how were we going to get that type of information out of them without making them feel uncomfortable or pressured to express there personal business? Honestly were are not trying to find out anyone personal business. All the questions we ask links all together, for instance, asking them about what type of products they use to clean their house and how many products do they use a day. To find out if cleaning so much in one day effect you or your family members. So that way we can give them feedback on maybe a better way to not pollute the air as much, such as cleaning the kitchen one day , then maybe the bathroom another day. But then nick thought it would be a good idea to come back to the office and research tips on interviewing. Alberto and I volunteered to do researching. After discussing interview questions it was FINALLY time for lunch:)!…Which I enjoyed so much. I had a deep dish pizza, french fries with a cold glass of water on the side. Today’s topic during lunch was “TV show commercials” Ha ha That was fun. Today was a good day to get outside and do some exploring, also because its such a nice day, (Not to much sun, no Rain and Not to cold) What a relaxing day!