Today we have been hard at work preparing for the meeting with Alderman Burnett tomorrow; specifically questions and a presentation. During all this preparation I recalled many of the organizations we have met so far like Bickerdike and the West Humboldt Development Council. Both these organizations value the importance of community and strive to make the neighborhood where they work a better place. With all this talk of community I could but not help recall the strong sense of community present here at LBBA.

I found this in our Smartluck lunches as well as our daily 12 o’ clock lunches. We respect our co-workers and work together in harmony. Like Catherine always says we are a diverse group of individuals, each with our own special abilities. Although these are all examples of the sense of community which exists here at LBBA, something in particulate stood out to me today. That was the Root beer float gathering which occurred after work. Everyone came together a little after four to converse and enjoy the floats. The event was held in honor of Nick’s departure and shows the importance of each individual here at LBBA. So even when the workload is heavy and the day hectic the sense of community here at LBBA and within the airLab team is always strong.