Age: 21
School: Harold Washington College
Strengths: Socializing, Planning Events, Problem Solving
Pastimes: Swimming, Listening to music
Interests: Architecture, Community Involvement, Social Justice, Politics
Favorite Food: Hot Sandwiches with Pickles
Likes: Butterflies, Rainy days, True Blood, and Breaking Bad
Dislikes: Unoriginality, & Disorganization
Goals for airLab: To get strong data from the sensors that can help us understand how to improve the design of the buildings and better the air quality in peoples homes. Become a better mentor and learn new things from the interns.



Age: 19
School: Illinois Institute Of Technology
Strengths: Dedication, Communication, Outgoing
Pastimes: Basketball, Watching T.V, Hangout, Talking
Interests: Architecture, Sports
Favorite Food: Free Food and Hot Sauce
Likes: Happy environment, Singing
Dislikes: Not having fun
Goals for airLab: To education myself and others, and to gain as much as I can while I have the time to do so.



Age: 18
School: University of Illinois at Chicago
Strengths: Public speaking, Problem solving, Analysis
Pastimes: Biking, Running, Swimming, Basketball
Interests: Cross country, Architecture, History
Favorite Food: Enchiladas
Likes: British T.V shows (Top gear) , Cooking
Dislikes: Rude People, Complainers
Goals for airLab: Come up with a final product that will help the neighborhood and LBBA.





Age: 17
School: UNO Major Hector P. Garcia M.D Charter High School
Strengths: Public Speaking, Problem Solving, Teamwork, Leadership
Pastimes: Rowing, Swimming, Beach Volleyball, Hanging Out, and Sports
Interests: Architecture, Digital Design
Favorite Food: Jibaritos
Likes: Grilling, Breaking Bad
Dislikes: People with grumpy attitudes, Pessimists
Goals for airLab: To get people motivated and informed to change the way they use their facility.



Age: 17
School: Simeon Career Academy
Strengths: Drawing, Yelling,  Critical Thinking
Pastimes: Watching TV, Drawing, Gossiping
Interests: Fashion, Art, and Performing Arts
Favorite Food: Pasta, Anything with tomato sauce
Likes: Art, Nice People, Laughing, Race Car Games
Dislikes: Wet socks, Extreme heat, Losing money
Goals for airLab: To learn how to conduct and collect better research. To make a difference in the community.



Age: 16
School: Orr Academy High School
Strengths: Listening, Driving
Pastimes: Call of Duty, Weight Lifting, Basketball, Fishing with Uncle
Interests: Math
Favorite Food: Ribs with Barbeque
Likes: Family Guy
Dislikes: People who talk too much
Goals for airLab: To learn skills about construction.



Age: 16
School: Al Raby High School
Strengths: Football, Baseball, Playing video games
Pastimes: Go outside, Watch T.V.
Interests: Construction
Favorite Food: Chicken (Fried)
Likes: Sports, Hanging out, Rollerskating
Dislikes: Potato salad, Noise, Kids
Goals for airLab: To learn new things, find out what’s going on in our community, and see how we can help out.



Age: 18
School: Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory Academy High School
Strengths: Art, Math, Skiing
Pastimes: Watching movies, Reading, and Drawing
Interests: Architecture, Art, Foreign language
Favorite Food: Macaroni and cheese, Green beans, Red beans and rice, Thanksgiving dinner
Likes: Art, Scrabble, Watching movies, Playing sports, Board games,
Dislikes: Family guy, Reality TV, Stupidity, Unkindness
Goals for airLab: To understand and become more aware of how air quality is effected indoors, outdoors and especially among people with asthma. To inform others about how they can contribute to better air quality. To learn how architecture can influence the realtionship between the environment and people.

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