Age: 20
School: Harold Washington College
Strengths: Socializing, Planing Events, Figuring out a way to do things.
Pastimes: Swimming, Documenting with my camera
Interests: Architecture, Community Involvement, Social Justice, Politics
Favorite Food: Hot Sandwiches with Pickles
Likes: Hands on work, meeting strangers, the sun and butterflies.
Dislikes: Disorganization
Goals for airLab: To do really good job helping the team accomplish the mission. Become a better leader. To learn more delicious Salad recipes from the Smartlucks. To beat the team at tug of war, and to have a great time with everyone while working hard.


Age: 18
School: Illinois Institute of Technology
Strengths: Outgoing, Communicating with everyone, Math
Pastimes: Basketball, Hanging out with friends.
Interests: Architecture, Sports
Favorite Food: Free Food with Hot Sauce
Likes: Talking, Movies and TV Shows, Challenging himself
Dislikes: Not having a good time
Goals for airLab: Want to Collect info if a LEED building has better air quality than a regular building and to see if it can effect future architecture and design. To see how architectire works in and outside of the firm. To work with other developers. Make new friends.


Age: 26
School: University of Colorado
Strengths: Working well with others and under pressure
Pastimes: Art, Watching Movies and Reading
Interests: Art, Technology, Communicating, internet.
Favorite Food: Quesadillas & Burritos
Likes: Laughing, telling stories to others, getting to know people and talking to new people.
Dislikes: Busy Work, Bad sense of humor.
Goals for airLab: Get to know people at Rosa Park and hopefully provide them about info on an environmental level, also to be a good leader.



Age: 17
School: Lane Tech High School
Strengths: Call of duty, Eating
Pastimes: Watching TV, and Extra Sleep
Interests: Baseball (Watch and Play), Model Making
Favorite Food: McDoubles
Likes: The rain, Driving
Dislikes: Waking up early, Heat, Communicating
Goals for airLab: Build successful sensors to measure air quality and improving communication skills.


Age: 16
School: Roberto Clemente
Strengths: Good Writer, Dancer, Acting, Reading
Pastimes: Computer, Writing Poems
Interests: Math and Equations
Favorite Food:
Likes: Bright colors, Funny Jokes, and loves movies.
Dislikes: People who are mad all the time, Rainy Day
Goals for airLab: Find out more and looking forward to working with other people.


School: Lane Tech College Prep
Strengths: Creative thinking, Writing, Public Speaking
Pastimes: Listening to Music, Reading Magazines, Walking
Interests: Photography, Design, Manufacturing
Favorite Food: Tacos
Likes: Smell of Freshly cut grass, and really soft sweaters
Dislikes: Snores, and dyed hair.
Goals for airLab: To work together with the rest of the people and take some cool pictures of the Rosa Park building


Age: 18
School: Rowe Clark Math and Science Academy
Strengths: Math, Science, Drawing, Art, Curiosity, and fast learner.
Pastimes: Drawing & Writing & listening to Music
Favorite Food:
Likes: Wii, Ghost Whispers, CSI, Writing, Drawing, R&B Music
Dislikes: ROTC, Student teaching, video games in general.
Goals for airLab: Learn More about Air Quality


Age: 17
School: Albert G. Lane Technical College Preparatory High School
Strengths: Problem Solving, Analyzing
Pastimes: Bike Riding, Strategy Computer Games, Exploring, Cross Country, Playing Saxophone
Interests: Architecture, Reading Maps, History, French the language, Philosophy
Favorite Food: Enchiladas with Sangria
Likes: British TV Shows, Architecture, Drawing, Sci-Fi Show
Dislikes: Liars, Cheaters, and rude people.
Goals for airLab: Working on communications skills. and become more conscious.

LBBA Facilitator


Age: 30
School: Illinois Institute of Technology, Archeworks
Strengths: A lot of energy, Can survive on 5 hours of sleep.
Pastimes: Picnics, Finding new favorite places, building her home.
Interests: Learning how to make her favorite things.
Favorite Food: Spicy Ramen with pork belly and egg.
Likes: David Byrne, Biking, Building things with hands, and zombie films.
Dislikes: Raisins
Goals for airLab: Really excited the action the firm is taking. Working with youth. Taking time to do research in something that will test the work that we do.

Bickerdike Partners


Age: 29
School: Rufus King H.S., University of Missouri, Auburn University
Strengths: Pull ups & leg curls
Pastimes: Making Music and instruments, Traveling around the city, Hanging out with friends
Favorite Food:
Likes: To doodle on paper, doodle on Guitars, and riding his bike free hand.
Dislikes: Cleaning up toys, Do things like taxes (ie. Leed Paperwork), Participate in anything that won't be beautiful.
Goals for airLab: 1. Yield new info on quality of our buildings. 2. Enable a good learning experience for students. 3. Having first engagement of representing scientific data in a way that is a visual delight & useful.

Special Thanks

Taryn Roche (MCIC – Metro Chicago Information Center) · Jim Cavallo (Kouba-Cavallo Associates) · John Katrakis (Katrakis & Associates) · Sachin Anand (dbHMS) · Aarti Dhupelia (CTE Director, Chicago Public Schools) · Mike Nourse (Chicago Architecture Foundation) · Sarah Atlas (Marwen – Art at Work Program) · LUCHA · Patrick Cunningham · Adam Berg

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